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How Startups Can Leverage Outsourcing for Rapid Growth



90% of startups fail because of the lack of experience in the industry they’re entering and acquiring a team without the expertise or cannot collaborate. They are even more susceptible when entering the phase of rapid growth– or simply not preparing for growth.

Outsourcing gives you an edge beyond the launch to rapid growth.

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Here’s how startups can leverage outsourcing to achieve and navigate that spike.

SEO and Competitor Research: Expertise for Quick Decision Making

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SEO gives you data. Optimizing your website online means more people can see your content. SEO experts will find, analyze, and report these data so you can make smart business decisions for your strategy.

  • Organic traffic, impressions, and rankings lets you know if your website has the answer to your audience’s search queries. This can help you understand how far your reach is without the paid advertisement.
  • You can also see keyword search volume to use for your next content. You can also improve your authority through the number of backlinks and referring domains. This data can also help you rank high on search engines.

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SEO experts gather data to design a strategy that caters to your customers. If you’re still in the process of naming your brand, search volumes can guide you how you name your future products or services with an authoritative domain that is memorable and new.

With competitor research, you can leverage what already worked for your competitors.

  • You can predict how your target market sees your brand versus your competition.
  • Take note of their strong points and weaknesses to develop a new and innovative business strategy.
  • Enter the business market with evidence-based expectations to lessen the chances of mistakes and ultimately, failure.

Social Media Marketing: Engagement and Consistency

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Businesses with strong omnichannel customer strategies gain and retain more customers through engagement and interactions on every customer’s touchpoint.

Social is where new brands can establish themselves and even disrupt the current big names.

  • 85% of businesses use social media to build brand awareness. Identify your target market and your outsourced team can connect your brand with them effectively on social media.
  • Social media marketing teams humanize your brand and reinforce connections with target customers, competitors, and create a brand community for your brand buildup. They can also help claim names for your business page across several social media platforms in-line with your business.
  • Social media lead generation filters your traffic and converts them to customers.
  • Social media has a high return on investment (ROI). Meta’s platforms Facebook (40%) and Instagram (30%) are one of the most effective business channels.

Your outsourced team can either build your social media accounts for you, optimize your existing website, or improve your existing posts. They rely on data from in-feature analytics or insight tools.

Your startup can develop a strong brand positioning through social media marketing. It is not only for engagement but social listening as well – listen to what your customers want.

Digital Advertising and Content Marketing: Get in front of your target customers, connect and convert

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After optimizing your site and social media presence, you do want a paid marketing strategy, too. It adds to your reputation when you also pay to reach your target audience.

SEO and social media marketing come first because it’s organic, authentic… and free.

Startups have limited budgets and outsourcing to experienced digital advertisers can make it worth the expense with data-driven digital advertisements.

Here are stats to remind you of the power of digital marketing for your startup:

  • Businesses earn $2 for every $1 they spend in Google Ads.
  • 89% of marketers believe that video advertising gives them impressive ROI. Videos can also help marketers with lead generation, increasing traffic and sales.
  • Email marketing generates ROI at 4,200%. Every $1 spent on email marketing, businesses get an ROI of $40.

Digital advertising helps you establish your brand. Your startups can also use blogging as a marketing tool which is 13 times more likely to get a positive ROI.

  • Content marketing has an annual growth rate of 15.37%. Your outsource team can create interactive content that increase clickthrough rates.
  • Service providers offer content marketing tailored to your target market such as product reviews, advice, and recommendations.
  • Consumers prioritize the source where they’ll get the information from. Generate credibility and trustworthiness with well-researched and well-written content.

Don’t DIY digital marketing and waste time and money. Outsource it and get your offers right in front of your traffic.

Graphic Design and Web Development: Clickthrough and Conversion Rates

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You have a higher chance of a high click-through rate and conversion rates when your target audience see on-point visuals in your social posts and your website.

We’re all visual creatures. Your graphics and your website absolutely must be professionally done. Otherwise, people ignore you and won’t even read what you have to say.

Optimize your user experience from your icons to brand colors, layout, and even white spaces.

Graphic design and web development can establish your brand image.

Commission brand logos and templates which reflect your brand message. Designs can generate engagement and build connections with your audience.

  • 48% of people associate credibility to the brand’s web design and 38% stop engaging with websites with unattractive layouts.
  • Users expect a website to load in less than two seconds.
  • For every $1 spent in user experience has $100 ROI.
  • You can boost your conversion rate by 140% with video backgrounds and by 400% with a well-designed user interface.

Customer Support: Upsells and Cross-sells

Improving customer experience is marketing for the long-run. Positive customer experience improves customer retention, customer satisfaction, and increases cross-selling and upselling.
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  • Upsells: Provide your customer’s the seamless customer experience with upgrades, enhancement, and premium options. There’s a 60-70% probability of selling to existing customers higher than 5-20% probability of selling to new prospects.
  • Cross-sell: Offer discounts and promotions, or recommend other products or services from your brand. Recommending complementary products to existing customers can increase sales up to 20%.
  • According to sales professionals, 30% of their revenue comes from upselling (72%) and cross-selling (74%).

Your customer support documents new insights from customer queries. Use it for your social listening. Their service also builds connections with your customers who can market your brand for free through word of mouth on feedback and online reviews.

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10% of startups fail in the first year. Leverage outsourcing and speed up your growth by hiring specialists in SEO, social media marketing, digital advertising, content writing, graphic design, and web development.

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