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BEST Customer Support Outsourcing Companies in the Philippines



Customer Support

Customer support is one, if not the most, commonly outsourced business operations. Especially today when anything can be shared on the Internet, one bad negative review can spiral into worst-case business scenarios.

That’s why big and small companies across the globe – United States, Australia, United Kingdom, and Canada – leverage the benefits of partnering with skilled specialists to provide customer support and build relationships. Some of the key advantages of outsourcing customer support are:

  • Added flexibility without hiring full-time employees
  • Better customer support with highly-specialized talents
  • 24/7 weekday and weekend coverage with access to the latest tools/technologies
  • Cut costs and save time
  • Improved customer satisfaction

Outsourcing to offshore teams from countries like the Philippines, and South East Asia (SEA), gives you a major competitive advantage. The Philippines is fast becoming the world leader in customer support, with more than 1 million Filipinos working in the field. Over 11% of the GDP is contributed by the BPO sector, and it is the single largest sector.

Customer support specialists in the Philippines take delight in acting as an extension of your business. With that said, here are the top performing customer support companies in the Philippines.


Concentrix is one of the leading BPO outsourcing companies in the Philippines. Founded in 2006, they continuously provide key services with over 265,000 talents worldwide– 80,000 of it based in the Philippines.

When it comes to customer support, they deepl value consumer electronics.

Concentrix believes that enterprises should invest in digitalization. They offer digital transformation, omnichannel commerce, value chain optimization, and advanced analytics to improve customer experiences.

Sutherland Global Services

Founded in 1986, Sutherland Global Services is the leading service provider for process transformations. They have 40,000 employees for its 150 clients around the world.

The company believes in applying Six-Sigma methodology to its business processes, which means using tools and techniques to reduce mistakes and identify root causes of errors to improve the organization.

Their customer support approach is to design smart customer journeys to eliminate pain points. They perform agile design, intelligent automation and effective processes to improve customer engagement.


Operator of customer support solutions, Sitel has numerous facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia. It has more than 75,000 locations around the world with over 100,000 people.

Sitel takes pride in offering customer experience (CX) solutions. They are industry experts that formulate digital-first CX strategies to prioritize customers living in a hyper-connected world.

Sitel has the insight and knowledge, as well as the experience, to provide a deeper and more meaningful relationship between the client and the end consumer.


Telus International was founded in 2001 with Telus Philippines as its Philippine wing and parent organization. It has over 25,000 employees around the world– 12,000 are based in the Philippines.

In the field of customer support, the company highlights agile thinking and continuous innovation. They create CX designs in over 50 languages meant to support business growth and transformation.


Teleperformance is an established institution in the customer support industry. They deliver an omnichannel customer experience for over 160 countries worldwide.

The company continuously invests in research and development to acquire a deeper understanding of customers coming from different countries, channels, and generations.

They are best at communicating customer value at every touch point. They deliver excellent telecommunication services and provide end-to-end journey management to attract and retain customers.


Alorica is the world’s largest provider of customer experiences to North American consumers. It serves 14 countries in 136 locations with a talent pool of over 100,000 employees.

The company has a strong and passionate workforce dedicated to delivering exceptional customer experiences to people around the world that span the entire customer lifecycle.

Alorica is inspired by people, empowered by technologies. They transform customer experience through insanely great, digitally-charged CX made by expert solutionists that aims to disrupt the status quo.


Started as a small virtual personal assistant company, TaskUs paved its way to the top with Blackstone’s investment and now has over 27,500 employees across eight countries.

TaskUs promises their clients four things– people, process, technology, and transformational growth. TaskUs is a modern outsourcer that is adaptable, agile, and quick to respond to the ever-changing needs of its clients.

Their customer support approach is leading the charge in next-generation CX. TaskUs is founded on innovation and people-first culture– they prioritize clients’ customer relationships and brand image all while staying agile to meet clients’ growth and goals.

Open Access BPO

From a telemarketing startup to a full-service provider, Open Access BPO is now a multilingual company that provides multi-channel processes in over 30 languages.

As one of the fastest growing call centers in the Philippines, they produce results that represent clients’ unique points– helping them stand out from the competition.

Open Access BPO believes in developing positive and culture-specific customer experiences. They provide excellent customer support that strengthens relationships and helps brands grow.

Magellan Solutions

Magellan Solutions provides services to both small and large enterprises, but mostly to SMEs. As an inbound and outbound BPO company, they bring new approaches and operational performance that covers the entire customer journey.

Magellan Solutions deliver custom fit customer solutions exclusive to your business. They are updated with current customer trends and demands and they ensure customer calls are handled in a professional manner.

The Filipino advantage in customer support

Businesses that outsource to Philippines can attest to how Filipinos provide exceptional customer service, but to those who are not yet familiar with the Filipino workforce, here are the top reasons why it’s an advantage to let Filipino teams manage your customer support:

Great work attitude

Filipinos are naturally respectful; it’s because most of them live with their extended families and they are taught to treat people, especially elders, with respect. This attitude is exhibited to their customers– they rarely raise their voices and talk to them with courtesy and patience.

They are also hardworking. They go above and beyond the work; they always want to deliver fast and high-quality results.

Excellent English speakers

The Philippines is ranked 2nd among Asian countries in Education First’s 2021 English proficiency Index. Filipino is the primary language and it houses several dialects, but English remains the primary language used for business and schools.

Filipinos are excellent in English– an advantage when it comes to communicating with customers and global teams. They can converse both in a professional and conversational manner.

High-level of intercultural sensitivity

The Philippines was colonized by three different countries in the past, and though they have established a rich culture of their own, they are still familiar with western cultures.

Filipinos consume media from various nationalities as well, which is a huge influence on their cultural sensitivity. They are exposed to different cultural viewpoints and they are naturally curious and respectful of other cultures.

Thus, they are flexible to work with and possess good intercultural communication skills.

Sensitive to contextual clues

Many Filipinos grew up speaking in a roundabout way– they are seldom straightforward as they think it may come off as rude and arrogant. In return, they know really well how to read contextual clues.

They know how to listen not just to words but expressions and tone of voice, and how to respond accordingly.

This doesn’t mean that they’ll be vague and confusing when speaking to customers. Filipinos simply have a strong sense of communication– empathetic, able to discern the root of a customer’s distress, and conveying clear information in a professional and calm manner.

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