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South East Asia Digital Standard (SEADS), an online publication, community and resource for South East Asia’s digital career professionals, industry veterans, freelancers, business owners and new comers.

Home to a cumulative 650 million people across 11 different countries – Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, East Timor – South East Asia is experiencing unprecedented digital growth, with the value of the digital economy expected to hit $USD240 billion by 2025, and create 1.7 million jobs for highly-skilled professionals, as well as flexible work opportunities in sectors like ride-hailing, freelancing and gig related contracts.

Digital Economy Future Growth South East Asia
Source: Google: e-Conomy SEA 2018

To shape the future of digital in the region, the Digital ASEAN initiative,  one of the flagship projects in South-East for the World Economic Forum, involves developing skills needed to thrive as digital disruption creates both risks and opportunities for workers.

With 125,000 new users coming onto the Internet every day, the ASEAN digital economy is projected to grow significantly, adding an estimated $1 trillion to regional GDP over the next ten years.

Under the initiative the ASEAN Workforce (…for the Fourth Industrial Revolution), the goal by 2020 is to:

  • Train 20 million ASEAN SME workers
  • Raise US$2 million in contributions to providing scholarships for ASEAN technology students
  • Hire directly 200,000 ASEAN digital workers
  • Engage 20,000 ASEAN citizens through “Digital Inspiration Days”
  • Offer 2,000 internship opportunities for ASEAN university students
  • Train 200 ASEAN regulators
  • Contribute to shaping the curricula at 20 ASEAN universities