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Trusting Social Signed an MoU with Microsoft



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Trusting Social, the leading provider of credit risk profiles in Southeast Asia that leverages fintech artificial intelligence, made an exciting announcement on June 29th with the launch of Agent Foundry. This platform, utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, including Microsoft’s Azure cloud service and cloud solutions, is poised to revolutionize the industry with its user-friendly interface and robust security measures. Agent Foundry also incorporates GitHub Enterprise, a tool for development and productivity enhancement.

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Agent Foundry introduces three powerful agents named ALAN, ANANSI, and ALICE, each designed to excel in specific areas. ALAN, an artificial general intelligence (AGI), possesses exceptional programming skills. ANANSI, on the other hand, is an agent dedicated to business data and analytics. Lastly, ALICE, a sales and relationship management system backed by AI, focuses on enhancing customer experiences.

These agents employ Big Data predictive modeling, a combination of expertise and knowledge, and a wide range of office and digital skills, particularly in coding and analytics. Additionally, the agents incorporate customer analytics to maximize productivity. Trusting Social’s meticulous design of each agent ensures compliance with data privacy regulations and promotes social controllability and sensibility.

Nguyễn An Nguyên, the Chief Operating Officer (CEO) of Trusting Social, expressed his confidence that these products would significantly benefit the Southeast Asian economy, with a particular emphasis on Vietnam. He highlighted how these AI-driven technologies can alleviate the burden of repetitive and mundane workloads, enabling employees to focus on core tasks that require judgment and creativity.


While the agents offer problem-solving capabilities, Nguyên emphasized that they are intended to supplement human employees rather than replace them entirely. The goal is to assist enterprises of all sizes across various industries, including telecommunications, consumer goods, and more.

The development of Agent Foundry showcases Trusting Social’s commitment to advancing technology and providing affordable solutions to consumers. Recognizing the potential impact on underserved communities, Trusting Social signed a two-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Microsoft Vietnam. Nguyễn Quỳnh Trâm, Microsoft Vietnam’s Country General Manager, believes that this partnership could empower unbanked individuals and underserved communities. Trâm also emphasized that AI is reshaping the current market and future technologies, making the collaboration with Trusting Social a crucial step in adapting to this rapidly evolving landscape.

Both parties will work together on research and development initiatives as outlined in the MoU, setting the stage for innovative breakthroughs in the coming years. With Trusting Social’s Agent Foundry and its collaboration with Microsoft, Southeast Asia is poised to benefit from the transformative power of AI technology, enabling businesses and communities to thrive in an increasingly digital ecosystem.

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