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Hooked Protocol and Ookbee Will Leverage Web3



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Hooked Protocol, a pioneering Web 3 edutainment network backed by artificial intelligence (AI), has entered into a strategic partnership with Ookbee, a leading digital platform in Southeast Asia. This collaboration aims to leverage Hooked’s advanced capabilities to expand and enhance Ookbee, providing even better digital solutions within the region.

The digital market in Southeast Asia faces various challenges, including high acquisition costs, declining user retention rates, and concerns over security and privacy breaches. Hooked Protocol aims to address and mitigate the impact of these challenges through its personalized solution, the Hooked Lego System.

With their proven expertise in Web 3 and online solutions, Hooked Protocol brings immense value to Ookbee’s expansion efforts. Notably, their quiz-to-earn decentralized application (DApp), Wild Cash, has amassed millions of users. This collaboration will undoubtedly strengthen Ookbee’s position in the market.

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Ookbee, with over 10 million users and operations in countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, is proactively seeking innovative solutions to thrive in today’s dynamic digital economy.

Web 3.0, compared to Web 2.0 and 1.0, offers a decentralized web where security and privacy are enhanced. The Hooked Lego System leverages the use of such a system. It offers wallet integration, which can help with lower acquisition costs, better asset security, and even user retention. With Web 3, businesses are more likely to emphasize of tailored growth — increasing ROI.

The collaboration between the two companies are predicted to bring about digital transformation and boost different industries. With Hooked Protocol’s expertise in the field and Ookbee’s objectives, the partnership is said to benefit the entire region and each project in a manner that’s digital-driven.


As Web 3 continues to prosper in the region, there is also an avenue for better and more advanced technologies to be embraced and adopted in Southeast Asia to compete at a much higher and global level.

As the region embraces this collaborative endeavor, Hooked Protocol’s immersive edutainment network and Ookbee’s prominence in the digital content landscape will redefine how businesses in Southeast Asia leverage the power of Web 3 technologies. This partnership sets the stage for an exciting future of innovation and growth, where businesses thrive in a decentralized and user-centric digital ecosystem.

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