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PLDT Awarded by Ookla



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In a recent announcement, global connectivity benchmarking firm Ookla has recognized PLDT as the leading digital services provider in the Philippines. With an impressive speed score of 86.52 last year, PLDT has secured the title of the country’s fastest internet provider for five consecutive years.

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During the prestigious Ookla Speedtest Awards, PLDT attributed its success to its continuous expansion efforts and unwavering commitment to enhancing customer satisfaction. The company has played a significant role in the digital transformation of the Philippines by providing reliable services even to secluded areas of the country.

In 2022, PLDT accomplished a remarkable feat by establishing a total of 6.08 million fiber-powered ports across 17,700 barangays (villages) in the Philippines. This extensive network infrastructure has allowed PLDT to extend its services to even the most remote corners of the nation.


Alfredo Panlilio, President and CEO of PLDT, expressed the company’s dedication to contributing to the digital success of the Philippines. He emphasized their commitment to offering quality services to all citizens, regardless of their location—be it the workplace, school, or home. Panlilio also highlighted their ongoing initiatives to improve customer experience, ensuring a seamless internet connection for all users.

PLDT’s commitment to providing top-notch services is evident in its offer of internet speeds of up to 10Gbps, made possible through fiber-optic technology. Introduced in 2021, this ultra-fast internet connection aims to bring the Philippines on par with leading digital nations such as Japan, the USA, South Korea, Italy, Norway, and New Zealand.

In a remarkable achievement, PLDT onboarded approximately 1.1 million new fiber subscribers in late 2022, accounting for nearly 60% of the fiber connection industry. The company’s current subscriber base stands at approximately 2.9 million. Furthermore, PLDT increased the internet speeds of its Fiber plans last year, ensuring an enhanced online experience for its customers.

Ookla praised PLDT as the only telecommunications company in Southeast Asia, alongside Singapore’s ViewQWest, to achieve the prestigious five-peat award. Luke Deryckx, Ookla’s Chief Technology Officer, commended PLDT’s consistent performance over the past five years. He emphasized that Ookla’s data is derived from 18 million customer-initiated tests conducted daily, ensuring transparency in evaluating telcos’ performance, quality, and availability.

PLDT revealed the highest recorded speeds from their services in 2022 were observed in various locations, including Pasig, Cagayan De Oro, Baguio, and many more. These achievements are made possible by PLDT’s extensive fiber network, which spans an impressive 1.1 million kilometers. This network extends its reach to 17.2 million homes across 68% of the country’s cities and municipalities.

As PLDT continues to invest in its network infrastructure and prioritize customer satisfaction, it solidifies its position as the Philippines’ leading digital services provider. With its remarkable achievements and commitment to innovation, PLDT is paving the way for a digitally empowered Philippines.

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