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Kilde Acquires Huge Funding




Singapore-based digital private debt software firm, Kilde, has secured $1.12 million in funding during a seed round led by prominent investors including Borderless Capital, Big Sky Capital, Algorand Foundation, AXL Ventures, and several angel investors. This successful funding round aims to support Kilde in transforming its operations, enhancing its proprietary technology, and expanding its range of innovative features.

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One of the key areas that will benefit from the investment is SafeBay, Kilde’s latest flagship product. The additional capital will help Kilde in refining SafeBay and further establishing it as a leading solution in the market.

Radek Jezbera, the Chief Executive Officer of Kilde, expressed his enthusiasm regarding the funding and its implications for the company. Jezbera emphasized that this capital injection not only demonstrates investor confidence but also highlights Kilde’s trustworthiness and immense potential. He further added that the surge in interest from family offices and high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) in private credit investments during the early months of 2023 has contributed to increased liquidity and opened up new opportunities for Kilde.

The boost in liquidity resulting from this investment will empower Kilde to pursue larger deals and engage in more favorable negotiations. According to a statement by Prequin, private credit has experienced significant growth alongside the expansion of private equity in the past decade. It offers diverse strategies and access points for investors, with outstanding allocations exceeding $1 trillion as of April 2022.

Kilde’s platform provides investors with enhanced convenience and security in accessing private credit deals. With its cash-generating collateral feature through receivables from underlying loans, Kilde offers increased security for both investors and individuals. Moreover, investors can subscribe to bonds available on Kilde’s platform, allowing them to diversify their lending portfolio across various consumer and small to medium-sized businesses.

As an authorized firm in the capital markets, Kilde holds a license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Additionally, the company operates as an Exempted Financial Adviser under the Securities and Futures Act. These regulatory approvals further solidify Kilde’s credibility and position in the market.

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With the recent funding, Kilde is well-positioned to expand its capabilities, improve its technology, and meet the increasing demand for private credit investments. As the company continues to innovate and provide value to both individual and institutional investors, its prospects for growth and success in the digital private debt market appear promising.

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