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Outsourcing Companies by Size [Number of Employees]




Aside from oil and gas, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a major global revenue contributor. The global BPO revenue amounts to $164.7 billion and industry experts expect the numbers to triple by 2030.

The Philippines houses more than 1000 BPO firms catering to international and domestic clients. In 2022, the industry now employs 1.3 million Filipinos and it may soon become the leading contributor in national revenue.

Discover some of the successful service providers with operations in the Philippines for outsourcing your critical business processes and operations.

Outsourcing companies with more than 20,000 employees


Global workforce: 720,000+
Revenue: $61.6 billion

Accenture is one of the leading outsourcing corporations with employees across Africa, America, Asia, and Europe.

The company serves clients from more than 200 countries with IT and cloud-service as their most outsourced. Their business operations expand to consulting, marketing, procurement, supply chain, human resources, finance, accounting, insurance, and healthcare.


Global workforce: 420,000+
Revenue: $8.1 billion

Each interaction matters. Teleperformance caters to more than 1000 clients worldwide outsourcing omnichannel customer experience. Their main services include customer care, technical support, digital solutions, customer acquisition, analytics, and back office operations.


Global workforce: 341,300+
Revenue: $19.253 billion

Cognizant helps more than 2000 clients worldwide win with digital. They have specialized services in various industries such as application services, business process, business consulting, IT infrastructure, and quality assurance.


Global workforce: 290,000+
Revenue: $6.150 billion

Concentrix offers IT solutions to over 450 global clients. Customer lifecycle management, customer experience productivity, and revenue management are the services that clients from different industries can outsource. They also have IT and consulting services, product development, and automation services.


Global workforce: 100,000+
Revenue: $9.8 billion

Alorica provides customer satisfaction solutions. From over 200 major clients, Alorica serves half of Fortune 50’s healthcare companies. The company believes that passion, performance, and possibilities is the mantra for BPO success and client satisfaction.


Global workforce: 40,000+
Revenue: $980 to $ 1000 million

From a virtual assistant company, TaskUs transformed as a multinational outsourcing agency with 72 global clients. The company promises new heights and efficiency on customer experience and back-office support.

VXi Global Solutions

Global workforce: 35,000+
Revenue: $2.7 billion

VXI is a US-based call center solutions provider passionate in delivering effective customer service and other operations. They provide services in industries such as automotive, financial services insurance, travel and hospitality, communication and media, government, retail, and technology.

Outsourcing companies with 1000 to 21,000 employees


Global workforce: 20,000
Revenue: $4 billion

ResultsCX core expertise are analytics, contact center as a service, and process automation. They have their own digital engagement software as a service called SupportPredict. This helps their partners from Fortune 500 with smoother transactions, customer tracking, chatbot, and agent interactions.

EXL Service

Global workforce: 10,000+
Revenue: $1.31 billion

EXL service is a multinational service provider of operations management and analytics. They provide data-driven solutions to give their more than 775 clients the competitive advantage. Their target industries are banking, financial services, healthcare, insurance, logistics services, transportation, and travel.

Acquire BPO

Global workforce: 9,500+
Revenue: $1 billion

Acquire BPO provides automation, back office support, contact center, customer acquisition, customer service, lead generation, software development, and technical support. Their diverse global team serves clients with rigorous standards from industries like telecommunications, banking and financial services, insurance, media, education, and retail.


Global workforce: 6,000+
Revenue: $845 million

Microsourcing has 400+ active clients mostly from Australia, America, and Europe. Their services include creative services, data cleansing, data visualization, order processing, and more.


Global workforce: 2750+
Revenue: $14.8 million

SupportNinja’s main services are back office support, content moderation, data entry, image moderation, lead mining,and technical support. They also have 24/7 technical support for seamless customer service.


Global workforce: 2500+
Revenue: $100 million

Cloudstaff’s global talent serves small to medium enterprises with world class solutions. Their clients can offshore collections and debt recovery, software development, technical support, and language support with members who are fluent in Mandarin and Nihongo.

Outsourcing companies with less than 1000 employees

Wing Assistant

Global workforce: 1,000
Revenue: $33 million

Wing Assistant connects executives and remote talents. Their virtual personal assistants handle mundane and repetitive tasks in ecommerce, marketing, sales, and real estate. Clients can also outsource personal errands like making travel arrangements, ordering products online, and responding to personal emails.


Global workforce: 350+
Revenue: $60 million

Beepo delivers services in industries including accountancy, business, ecommerce, financial services, and real estate. Their core expertise are accounting, administrative support, customer service, data management, digital marketing, finance, HR services, sales support, technical support, and web development.


Global workforce: 120+
Revenue: $5 million

USource assists clients with experienced digital staff. Clients can outsource to a team member or team for automation, back office support, ecommerce, digital advertising, SEO, copywriting, web development, reporting and analytics, and back office administrations.

Lower your costs and still increase efficiency through outsourcing to third-party service providers like USource. Diverse employees equipped with skills and resources can help you streamline and drive your business growth while you focus on your business core.

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