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Stepping in to 3D Space with Blender (Part 1)



Stepping in to 3D Space with Blender

Ever wondered what’s behind the scenes of some of the coolest, realistic visual representations of your favorite products? While others still prefer photography, I say do it in 3D.

Why not, right? In our world today where many things go digital, 3D computer graphics is becoming an essential trend to different business industries for their visual needs.

Though photography portrays actual reality, 3D provides you better visual control. You can create 3D designs as far as your imagination can take you. Though it seems complicated, it’s an efficient and cool skill once you grasp it.

Interested in stepping into 3D space now? We like Blender 3D software (it’s FREE!). Check out this infographic to help you get started. This will give you the basics of what to expect in the 3D creation process.

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