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Stepping in to 3D Space: Blender Basics Infographic (Part 3)



Stepping in to 3D Space Blender Basics Infographic (Part 3)

Blender is a continuously growing software. Like other powerful applications, it develops and expands from time to time to provide users better 3D creation experiences. But even with these fast-changing timespace, most of Blender’s functionalities remained pretty much the same.

Knowing the basic navigation and default interface windows in Blender helps you navigate tools and key functions. But I think it’s more efficient to also get used to the shortcut keys and controls. This way, you save more time than repeatedly trying to look for them on the dropdown key listings.

I’ve prepared another handy cheat sheet to help you keep track of these shortcuts, plus some tips and techniques!. Of course, we can learn and memorize most of them but let’s not lie to ourselves, sometimes we get confused with what key to press next. I hope this infographic becomes your starter kit to dive deeper into Blender’s 3D space.

Below are also some helpful links where you could get more extensive tutorials and knowledge regarding Blender modeling:

So there you go! Got further insights regarding this Blender Basic infographic series? Share them now at the comment section below.

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