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Stepping in to 3D Space: Blender Basics Infographic (Part 2)



Stepping in to 3D Space Blender Basics Infographic

Creating 3D graphics requires a lot of patience and courage. It provides greater control over one’s imagination and creativity and is also starting to be in demand in the digital space.

Last time, we’ve covered the different industries that are now in need of 3D creations. We also got to list down other software available in the market aside from Blender. I’ve also provided an overview of the step-by-step workflow in constructing a model in the 3D space.

Some software are very powerful and capable of many things. These software have a lot of functions and keys that could blow your mind with just one look. Trust me, I’ve also experienced getting lost with most softwares, and Blender is one of those.

On my first encounter with Blender, I was overwhelmed and daunted by its interface. There are hundreds of buttons and lots of windows. I’m sure, like me, some beginners might be confused where to start. But after some time getting to know it, Blender turned out to be pretty cool and convenient.

I prepared this cheat sheet to help beginners and enthusiasts with the basics on using Blender.

So…. are you ready to dive into 3D space with Blender? Check out the infographic below and start creating something fun!

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