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Copilot Receives $10M in Series A Funding



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Copilot has recently landed $10 million in Series A funding. The COVID-19 pandemic has created significant economic challenges for businesses, with many struggling to stay competitive in the face of these uncertain times.

To overcome these obstacles, companies have been turning to the streamlining of their processes in order to increase efficiency. In response to this need, Copilot was born. Founded by CEO Marlon Misra and Neil Raina at the start of 2020, Copilot is a comprehensive portal that offers a one-stop shop for automating and streamlining various business functions such as messaging, file-sharing, and customer support.

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Copilot has been a valuable asset to recruiting and marketing agencies, as well as law and accounting firms. One of the biggest challenges these types of businesses face is the use of multiple tools and apps that don’t integrate well, leading to a disruptive customer experience. Copilot addresses this issue by providing a single platform for all these functions, thus improving customer satisfaction, retention, and providing more growth channels for businesses.

The initial years of Copilot have been focused on creating the platform, however, with funding in place, the next 2 years will be dedicated to improving and expanding the tool to offer even more benefits to businesses.

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With Copilot, companies can stay ahead of the curve and navigate the economic challenges of the pandemic with ease and efficiency. Unlike its competitors such as and Freshbooks in the payments space, Box and Dropbox in file-sharing, DocuSign and HelloSign in contracts, JotForm and Typeform in forms, and Intercom and Zendesk in help desks, Copilot will be unique by combining everything these platforms have in just a single portal.

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