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The Biggest Data Centre in Malaysia by the Princeton Digital Group



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Princeton Digital Group (PDG), a leading data center operator based in Singapore, has been allocated a substantial budget of US$450 million for the establishment of a groundbreaking hyperscale data center in Johor, Malaysia. The data center, named JH1, will be situated within the expansive Sedenak Tech Park (STeP) and is set to be a monumental project in the region. The construction of the first phase, which will provide 60 MW of power, is scheduled to commence in the second quarter of 2024.

JH1 will occupy a sprawling land area of 12.5 hectares, which was acquired from the renowned JLand Group (JLG), a subsidiary of Johor Corporation specializing in infrastructure and real estate development. This initiative marks PDG’s maiden venture in Malaysia and represents their sixth entry into the Asia-Pacific market, following successful establishments in Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, China, and India.


Rangu Salgame, the Chairman and CEO of PDG, expressed his excitement about the launch of JH1 in Malaysia, emphasizing that it would significantly expand PDG’s footprint in Asia. Salgame believes that the growing demand for hyperscale solutions in Southeast Asia necessitates the presence of top-notch digital infrastructure. By selecting Sedenak Tech Park, PDG aims to address this demand while leveraging the park’s superior connectivity and power infrastructure.

Asher Ling, PDG’s Chief Technology Officer and Managing Director, shed light on the rationale behind choosing STeP for this venture. Ling acknowledged the increasing need for hyperscaler solutions in Southeast Asia and stressed the importance of accessing cutting-edge digital infrastructure. The decision to partner with Sedenak Tech Park, known for its advanced capabilities in connectivity and power infrastructure, perfectly aligns with PDG’s vision for hyperscale development in the region.

Moreover, JH1 will boast cutting-edge and innovative sustainable technology capabilities, reflecting PDG’s commitment to environmentally friendly operations. The data center will collaborate closely with local regulators and stakeholders to ensure the utilization of renewable energy sources in powering its facilities. This approach aligns with the global trend toward greener data center practices and underscores PDG’s dedication to sustainability.


In a strategic move, JLand Group has also announced plans for an ambitious expansion of the data center project. The proposed expansion, known as STeP 2, will cover a staggering 640-acre area and is slated to commence operations in September 2024. This initiative highlights the immense potential for growth in the data center industry in the region, fueled by increasing digitalization and demand for hyperscale solutions.

STeP 2, within the Ibrahim Technopolis (IBTEC) project, will be powered by a solar photovoltaic farm in accordance with the Low Carbon Cities Framework (LCCF). It will also take advantage of IBTEC’s efforts to achieve Malaysia Digital (MD) Cybercentre status.

Datuk Syed Mohamed, the President and CEO of Johor Corporation and Chairman of JLand Group (JLG), highlighted JLG’s dedication to expanding data center opportunities. He affirmed the commitment to strengthen Johor’s role as a regional data center hub and considered PDG’s entrance into Johor and STeP as a validation of JLG’s strategy and offerings.

The establishment of JH1 in Malaysia represents a significant milestone for Princeton Digital Group and marks a notable development in the country’s digital infrastructure landscape. As Southeast Asia continues to experience rapid technological advancements, PDG’s investment in this hyperscale data center will undoubtedly contribute to the region’s digital transformation and further solidify PDG’s position as a leading player in the data center industry.

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