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SAP to Launch GROW with SAP in Southeast ASIA



Small business

SAP Southeast Asia (SEA) announced the expansion of its cloud ERP solution, GROW with SAP, during the SEA Partner Success Summit 2023, which was attended by over 300 partners. The solution is aimed at supporting small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in the region with increased innovation and efficiency. GROW with SAP integrates the SAP Business Technology Platform using SAP Build, which enables businesses to make enterprise apps, automate processes, and design websites without the need for coding.


According to a recent study by SAP, over two-thirds of SMEs view digital transformation as a vital part of their success. However, to achieve this, businesses need business partners who are adept enough to support them as they adopt new technologies to cope with the change in today’s digital economy. The study also highlighted that businesses must be agile enough to attain lifetime business value.

Verena Siow, President, and Managing Director of SAP SEA, stated that SMEs make up a significant part of Southeast Asia’s economy, with about 99% of all businesses. These companies also contribute about 90% of employment and 60% of GDP in ASEAN countries. By coming together with different partners, SMEs can continue to grow, innovate, and remain competitive in today’s dynamic market.

Judy Hoie, CEO of Temasek Public Resilience Infectious Disease Emergency (T-PRIDE), spoke about the organization’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The organization was created to build community resilience, preparedness, and response. Even after the restrictions have eased, the organization remains committed to aiding the community. By maximizing the cloud technology offered by GROW with SAP, T-PRIDE was able to improve its operations with greater visibility and governance. They can now monitor and track deployments and processes with a data-driven approach to decision-making and more inclusive processes.

SAP has over 50 years of experience in providing services to businesses of varying sizes. They offer cloud solutions dedicated to offering product lines that would help with sustainability. Christophe Derdeyn, Partner, and Director Delaware Singapore & Delaware International, said that by leveraging the cloud and being digitally-led, businesses can gain a wide array of benefits. GROW with SAP shows consumers that the business can meet their budget and needs.


Krit Virojsailee, I AM Consulting Managing Director, said SAP used three of its most valuable assets to power the program. The company will be using the SAP S/4HANA Cloud in the platform.

In conclusion, the expansion of GROW with SAP in Southeast Asia is aimed at supporting SMEs in the region to become more innovative, efficient, and competitive in today’s digital economy.

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