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Partnership for Secure Data Access by Velotix and Liquid Group



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Velotix, an AI-driven security platform based in Tel Aviv, Israel, has announced its partnership with Liquid Group, a top player in the fintech industry based in Singapore, to ensure data compliance across the entire lifecycle of data access.


The collaboration between Velotix and Liquid Group will provide secure and effective digital payment solutions that allow users to leverage cross-border payments, while minimizing security risks. Liquid Group will be Velotix’s data security platform, using XNAP, a rising digital global QR payment network.

According to the CEO and Founder of Liquid Group, Jeremy Tan, to continuously innovate and address the demands of the industry with their products, they need to come up with a compliant and effective strategy for handling data. The partnership with Velotix will provide Liquid Group with a data-driven solution to enhance their services and improve data compliance.

Dr. Adi Hod, CEO, and Co-Founder of Velotix expressed his delight in collaborating with Liquid Group and sharing their capabilities together. The partnership will secure data access while participating in a dynamic regulatory environment.

The joint venture aims to provide solutions that are both data and privacy-driven, with a workflow builder and AI-driven policy powered by machine learning to curate the right data policy and monitor it moving forward. The partnership will also aim to improve the efficiency of handling requests, recommendations, and approvals.


This collaboration between Velotix and Liquid Group highlights the importance of data compliance and security in the fintech industry, especially in providing cross-border payment solutions. With Velotix’s expertise in AI-driven security and Liquid Group’s XNAP payment network, the partnership is expected to bring forth innovative solutions while ensuring data compliance and privacy.

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