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The Need For Digital Upskilling in the Philippines




The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in the Philippines is taking the lead in promoting digital transformation in the country. The DTI Secretary, Alfredo E. Pascual, emphasized the importance of two points which are crucial for digitalization to occur in the country for the Philippines Future Skill Summit 2023. These points are: upskilling the working population and rebuilding the academic curriculum to integrate digital skills.


Pascual’s statements were backed by Paul Yeo, CEO of Confexhub, a leading network solutions provider for policy and economic studies. Pascual emphasized that every initiative and program is essential in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as the workforce must be equipped with digital skills and must continuously improve as technology advances.

He also pointed out that the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has set a goal of being part of the top 5 digital economies around the globe by 2025. Despite being behind more powerful regions, Pascual believes stakeholders, from the government, academic institutions, businesses, and individuals, play a significant role in a societal approach to digital shift. It is vital to the rapidly changing technological landscape.

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The Philippines Future Skill Summit 2023 is a clear demonstration of the DTI’s commitment to driving the digital transformation of the country. The government initiative shows that they are trying to step in the right direction.

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