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Nokia Backs Thailand With Its Digital Efforts




Thailand’s digital economy is on the rise, with more than 61 million internet users and an 85% penetration rate, positioning the country as one of the most promising economies in Southeast Asia. Thanks to the country’s efforts to advance technology infrastructure for various industries through their 4.0 strategy, the nation’s digital economy is set for a bright future.

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As the decade closes, Thailand is looking to leverage technologies such as the metaverse and Web3 to offer 6g connectivity to its people. However, the increasing demand for innovation in Thailand has resulted in challenges, including the digital divide. Nokia, committed to helping the country expedite its digital transformation, will adapt and scale their solutions to help the nation’s objectives.

Nokia has created a three-phrased strategy: reset, accelerate, and scale, to guide their plans in helping the telecommunications industry reach its full potential and provide improved solutions for the people. The Finnish company will provide high-performance network connectivity with their broad resources and experiences in agile digital solutions. They will partner with communication service providers (CSPs) that they know would act as catalysts for Thailand’s digital transformation, supporting clients, industries, and societies.


To bridge the digital divide across different industries in the Asia-Pacific, Nokia has injected Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) within their system and operations. Their efforts go beyond accessibility and innovation, as they also aim to develop solutions that would help increase efficiency and productivity.

Nokia will reset, or refresh, to back their improved vision of being a B2B technology key player, using emerging trends such as clouds and drives that will be used for faster and more secure connectivity. They hope to build a network that will serve as a bridge between various industries and serve as a catalyst for growth and development in the region.

The partnership between Thailand and Nokia comes at an opportune time as the demand for digital transformation and innovation continues to increase in the country. The Finnish company has a track record of adapting and scaling their solutions to suit the needs of different countries and industries, and Thailand is no exception.

Nokia’s dedication to aiding Thailand’s digital transformation will yield benefits for the country’s economy, industries, and citizens.

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