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Logitech Partners with Milieu Insight on a Content Creation Study



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Logitech, a popular computer manufacturer and software developer, partnered with Singapore-based market research company, Milieu Insight, to conduct a study on content creation and buying decisions on video and audio technology. The study was conducted in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

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The study revealed the top consumers of video and live streaming were from the Philippines with 86%, followed by Singapore with 85%, and Malaysia with 81%. However, when it comes to the purchase of video and audio technology for content creation, Singapore ranks last among the three countries surveyed. The ownership of such technology was found to be highest in Malaysia at 65%, followed by the Philippines at 59%, and Singapore at 49%.

The research also highlighted those who were looking to buy video and audio technology for content creation did their research on social media platforms such as YouTube (83%) and Facebook (65%).

Of the respondents, 13% were content creators, with 17% from Malaysia, 13% from the Philippines, and 9% from Singapore. In particular, the study found that there was an increasing number of content creators in Singapore, which led to a more concentrated market.

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Bernard Chow, the Head of Cluster for Logitech in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines, noted as the market for content creation continues to expand, there is an uptrend in the need for audio and video technology. Greater competition means quality content is more likely to get higher views, and those in the industry are looking for ways to level up their output.

Also, Stepher Tracy, COO of Milieu Insight, highlighted both hardware and software for content creation are becoming more widely available to people. The study was helpful in providing insights on where the industry is headed in Southeast Asia and what its potential could be.

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