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Freelancing When You’re Over 50



Looking for a career shift? If you’re curious to be in the freelancing industry where you can spend more time with people close to you, where it’s possible to earn more while working less, and where you can build your own brand in the digital space.

Here’s what you need to remember – Age doesn’t matter when it comes to freelancing! It’s all about having grit and the willingness to learn, unlearn, and relearn.

If you’ve been working in a specific field for years, then you can leverage the skills you’ve learned from the workplace. And that alone is already a competitive edge for you.

It Is Never Too Late To Follow Your Dreams

Road with person walking
This is your chance to try another fork in the road. Many freelancers today transition from the career that they’ve only had all their life.

There was a lawyer who became a web developer. There was also an accountant who pursued graphic designing. His parents didn’t think that being a freelance graphic designer would give him opportunities to earn a lot, so he was an accountant for three decades.

Keep Investing In Yourself

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Skill is a freelancer’s greatest asset. And these are one of the key drivers that will give you security in this fast-paced digital environment.

The best investment you can have is self-investment. Always have the willingness to keep learning, unlearning, and relearning skills as an aspiring freelancer.

Take courses from the most trusted sites like Udemy, Skillshare, HubSpot, and Coursera. There are many ways for you to keep upskilling yourself with today’s technology.

Widen Your Network

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Your network is your net worth.

Personal networks are the top source of assignments for freelancers producing skilled work. These include previous freelance clients, friends, family, and professional contacts.

Older freelancers can leverage these connections because they’ve been in the workforce way longer than people in their 20s – 30s. Working with more people over a longer period allows you to create a larger network. Never burn your bridges.

Networking should always be your number one strategy in finding good clients. Use your networking skills to get referrals and you’ll be rarely seeing potential clients who would want to keep lowering your rate.

Use Your Existing Skills

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Have you been spending your career in one specific field? It’s worth it to consider using that experience as leverage towards freelancing. Every freelancer’s greatest asset is their skills. And skilled freelancers are paid more than unskilled freelancers.

For instance, people who’ve been in the brand department for years can work as a consultant or as a writer. If you need the inspiration to know where you can leverage your current skills, you can browse Upwork’s freelance categories and make a list of potential areas you think you can fit in best. You can also check out the highest paying freelance jobs in Southeast Asia.

Package Yourself

Person holding up graph, and notes icons
A website is a must for every serious freelancer. And if you’re one of them, this is where you’ll exhibit your skills and credentials.

If you have no background in creating a website, you can use WordPress to set up your pages, and later on, get a customized domain that fits your branding. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can make your website.

Make your website look as professional as possible while adding your personal touch. Your pages should at least have the following elements:

  • Your services
  • List of your credentials
  • Samples of your work
  • Testimonials
  • Contact details

Take It Slow

Stephane Kasriel, CEO of Upwork, suggests aspiring freelancers to work things up slowly and gradually. There’s a lot to learn in becoming a freelancer in addition to finding clients, learning to negotiate fees, budgeting unpredictable income, and finding health insurance.

You can start by working for a client or two outside your day job to check out how it goes. And try finding mentors to shorten the learning curve while being steady.

Face Your Fear!

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There is always doubt when you’re shifting to something new, whether you’re in your 30s or 50s. Research people who left their corporate jobs (and all the benefits) to strike out on their own made it. And a lot of people like this are in digital marketing.

If you’re planning for a career shift, make sure that you have solid funds before making your move. At least 6 months’ worth of your monthly earnings will be a good safety net for you. This will give you peace of mind. And having a cooler state makes you open to opportunities to focus on everything else we advise here.

Always remember, it is never too late to follow your dreams and make a difference. Want to learn more about freelancing? Check out these practical tips you can apply starting today for you to keep going!

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