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Shopee Bringing Users to Digital Literacy



Packing orders

Shopee, a leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, has reported significant growth in their user base and sales despite the ongoing challenges brought by the pandemic. In their recent campaign, Shopee Serves: Building Resilience with Technology, the platform highlighted their commitment to building resilience, increasing inclusion, and scaling support in their business approach.

Helping hand

According to the report, buyers who made purchases through the platform’s monthly campaigns, seller and brand vouchers, were able to save up to US$1.7 billion in groceries and essentials. The campaign also onboarded 85% new users, particularly those residing in underserved communities outside major cities, and welcomed 200 new local sellers on the platform. Moreover, 600,000 individuals volunteered for Shopee’s CSR drives last year, showing their dedication to supporting various communities in need.

Piggy bank

Shopee’s Chief Operating Officer, Terence Pang, expressed his gratitude towards their users for their continuous support despite the challenges in the market. He attributed their success to the platform’s commitment to their mission of helping all sectors of the region gain opportunities and build engagement. They shared that Shopee has a three-tier approach guiding them in their business efforts, namely building resilience, increasing inclusion, and scaling support.

Building resilience, as explained by Pang, means adapting to emerging trends by paving the way for new opportunities for brands and sellers on the app to maximize their platform and deliver more value and savings to consumers.

The platform’s focus on increasing inclusion stems from the realization that digital transformation is inevitable, but there are still underserved sectors in Southeast Asia need to catch up. Shopee’s solutions, such as their payment options, aim to reach a wider audience and bring those from secluded communities to use the app.

Lastly, scaling support is about paying it forward by supporting various communities through CSR efforts. Shopee aims to create a lasting impact on underprivileged sectors as the world transitions to a more digital-led economy.

The success of Shopee in the region has prove both businesses and consumers are now more at ease with online purchases, and this trend is expected to continue even with the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions. As more people turn to e-commerce platforms for their daily needs, Shopee’s commitment to building resilience, increasing inclusion, and scaling support will undoubtedly play a crucial role in providing value and opportunities to their users.

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