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Shopboxo Boosts Ecommerce in Southeast Asia



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The Philippines is at the forefront of the ecommerce industry in Southeast Asia, with citizens spending over 10 hours a day browsing the internet, primarily for entertainment, work, and education. More than 2 million online sellers in the country have used various platforms, including social media, to sell their products online.

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According to the GlobalData E-commerce Analytics study, the surge in ecommerce transactions in 2021 resulted in a value of P264.5 billion, with an increase of 15.1% since then. However, the challenge for sellers and brands persists due to the high commission rates charged by major ecommerce platforms. Rayev has come up with Shopboxo, an online-store builder that is cost-effective and easy-to-use.

To address this issue, Kaniyet Rayev, the Chief Executive of Appboxo, an e-wallet-to-superapp startup, has extended resources to create Shopboxo, an online store builder that is free and user-friendly. The platform can help startups and small to medium-sized businesses directly sell their products and services to customers without the high commission rates.

For only P490 monthly, sellers can upgrade their subscriptions and use dynamic tools and personalized sites without the need for a developer.

Shopboxo offers payment partners such as Gcash, Grabpay, and Maya, and delivery solutions such as Grab Express, Ninjavan, and Lalamove. Additionally, restaurants and brick-and-mortar establishments can use the quick response (QR) online menus and scan-to-order pay functions.


Shopboxo has onboarded over 70,000 online sellers, one of whom is Nadine Lustre, a well-known actress and artist in the Philippines. Lustre launched her businesses and websites, and, using Shopboxo. With the platform, Lustre and other entrepreneurs, such as Justin Ang and Jamielyn Cheng, founders of Dear Pets, can easily manage inventory, sales, and orders through their phones, freeing up more time for other core tasks and increasing productivity. Consumers can also make payments directly through bank accounts and e-wallets.

Despite the easing of restrictions as the pandemic slows down, Rayev sees ecommerce continuing to see growth over the years. With Shopboxo being cost-effective and easy-to-use, it is likely to succeed and help entrepreneurs in the Philippines’ ecommerce industry.

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