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Sell to Carousell Backed By Laku6



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Carousell, the online marketplace headquartered in Singapore, has launched an AI-driven Sell to Carousell service in partnership with Laku6, an Indonesian AI-platform. The service enables sellers to list their new and secondhand mobile phones from home within just a day, or they can drop the device at any iStore outlet, a premium Apple seller headquartered in Singapore.


To use the service, sellers need to fill out a form, and Laku6’s tech will provide an estimated quote for the device within two minutes. The platform inspects both software and hardware, even screen damage, and comes up with a pricing based on the device’s condition. Once the seller agrees to the price, they can encash within just an hour.

The partnership with Laku6 has been a game-changer for Carousell, with a 55% increase in mobile transactions within just six months. The AI-driven service provides a hassle-free way for sellers to list their devices and get a fair price for them, while also providing buyers with quality products.

Carousell expects the partnership with Laku6 to solidify its position as a leading player in the industry. The online marketplace has been steadily growing since its launch in 2012. Its platform includes categories such as fashion, electronics, and home appliances.

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The Sell to Carousell service has already been launched in Singapore and is expected to roll out to other markets soon. The service is expected to be a hit among sellers who want to get rid of their old devices quickly and conveniently while getting a fair price for them. Buyers, on the other hand, will have access to a wide range of quality devices at competitive prices.

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