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Nokia And NAVER Cloud To Boost Digital Economy




In a move to accelerate digital transformation and cloud adoption in Southeast Asia, Nokia, the renowned Finnish technology and electronics company, has formed a strategic partnership with NAVER Cloud, a leading cloud provider for businesses and industries primarily in the Southeast Asian region. The collaboration aims to promote the use of a sovereign cloud approach within the telco industry and leverage the expertise of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in the area.


Under the partnership, Nokia and NAVER Cloud will establish comprehensive plans to drive the adoption of sovereign cloud solutions across Southeast Asia. The initiative will harness Nokia’s cutting-edge technology and NAVER Cloud’s cloud expertise to expedite the digital transformation of enterprises in various industries, enabling them to scale faster and achieve cost-effectiveness.

Weongi Park, the Chief Executive Officer of APAC Business Development at NAVER Cloud, expressed pride in partnering with one of the industry’s leading players, Nokia. He emphasized that Nokia’s advanced technology would be instrumental in facilitating the digital transformation in Southeast Asia. Park further emphasized that the combination of Nokia’s capabilities and NAVER Cloud’s expertise would act as a catalyst for economic growth in the region, driving the improvement of digital enterprises across industries.

Kent Wong, the Vice President of IP Business at Nokia Asia Pacific, emphasized the significance of adapting to the digital era. Wong highlighted the need for telcos to develop robust data center infrastructures that provide quality services to ensure accessibility, reliability, and scalability. He expressed excitement about the collaboration with NAVER Cloud, stressing that it would foster cloud innovation and empower businesses in Southeast Asia, ultimately leading to revenue growth and enhanced consumer satisfaction.

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As part of their joint efforts, Nokia and NAVER Cloud are also planning to launch a benefit program aimed at bolstering the utilization of NAVER’s cloud services in the Southeast Asian region. This program is expected to provide additional incentives for businesses to leverage NAVER Cloud’s offerings, further promoting cloud adoption and digital transformation in the area.

With Nokia’s technology prowess and NAVER Cloud’s cloud expertise, this partnership is poised to revolutionize the cloud landscape in Southeast Asia. By driving the adoption of sovereign cloud solutions and empowering businesses across industries, the collaboration aims to propel the region’s economic growth and enable digital enterprises to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

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