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New Seller Package 2023 by Lazada



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Lazada Malaysia is urging entrepreneurs and businesses to maximize their use of digital in today’s economy by offering a new seller package. The Lazada Malaysia New Seller Package 2023 is aimed at driving sellers from micro, small, and medium-scale enterprises to use e-commerce as a platform to grow their businesses. The package will provide sellers with the necessary tools and resources to succeed in the digital landscape, including support for logistics, payment solutions, and marketing.

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Lazada Malaysia’s CEO, Darren Rajaratnam, believes that e-commerce continues to be the preferred shopping channel for consumers, surpassing social media and search engines, as indicated by the Lazada Sponsored Solutions Report 2022. The study showed the importance of leveraging e-commerce for business success, making it crucial for businesses to have a strong online presence.

The New Seller Package 2023 represents Lazada’s commitment to becoming a great partner for online sellers and businesses in a variety of industries, and aims to encourage brick-and-mortar stores to adopt digital transformation. New sellers who avail of the package will be able to enjoy many benefits from Lazada and will be supported in their onboarding process for the first three months.


Registration for the Lazada Malaysia New Seller Package 2023 is free, and there are no set-up costs required. This package is a significant step forward for local businesses and entrepreneurs.

Lazada is playing a crucial role in the growth of local businesses and the country’s economic recovery. Lazada Malaysia New Seller Package 2023 is an excellent opportunity for businesses and entrepreneurs to optimize digital-led initiatives.

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