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Microsoft Advertising: The Rebranded Bing Ads That Goes Above and Beyond in Advertising



Microsoft Advertising The Rebranded Bing Ads

It’s official: Bing Ads is now Microsoft Advertising.

“It’s no longer just reaching more people that matter to growing your brand. It’s about making each connection feel one-to-one, at just the right time and place. More meaningful, more timely, and more valuable — this is how we see advertising evolving,” Microsoft stated on their announcement blog post.

Bing Ads As We Knew It

Bing Ads provides PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising. It enables you to make a campaign for your ads appear to your ideal target audience.

Upon creating your campaign, you’ll have access to the following flexible targeting features:

  • Keywords
  • Location
  • Language
  • Scheduling
  • Device type
  • Time of the Day and Day of the Week
  • Audience Targeting
  • Shopping

What To Expect With Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft’s move in rebranding is not new, as Bing Ads was previously known as Microsoft adCenter. With this, Microsoft Advertising introduces broader capabilities for you to use.

Microsoft Advertising provides personalization and product innovation. It enhances target audience reach for marketers, as they believe that marketers now have the ability to identify and reach consumers.

It promises to provide more flexible features to create a meaningful, valuable and timely connection between marketers and consumers.

From this rebranding, Microsoft plans to introduce more advertising products with built-in AI: Microsoft Audience Network and Sponsored Products. It is a means to deliver Microsoft Advertising’s potential capabilities. These built-in AI help you to be more connected to your data and your business.

Microsoft Audience Network

Launched last year, Microsoft Audience Network uses AI, audience intent, and profile understanding to help marketers have contact with consumers in brand-safe environments.

Microsoft Audience Network updates:

  • Enhancements are established, including viewable impressions, image upload, and management tool updates for easier image management.
  • Microsoft plans on expanding the audience campaigns to the UK and Canada in summer.

Sponsored Products

The new Sponsored Products enable manufacturers to boost their presence and to drive more traffic to top products in their shopping campaigns. As the shopping offer made a great impact on businesses, this will be a great help for marketers.

Sponsored Products let two partners share the cost of advertising while they work in driving products sales in specific channels. It can help better marketing efforts between manufacturers and retailers, creating connections with shoppers. It is currently only available in the US.

Other features of Sponsored Products are:

  • Optimisation capabilities and access to new reporting capabilities for manufacturers.
  • Additional product marketing support with splitting the fair cost for the retailers.

You have the opportunity to join the Sponsored Products beta by reaching your account team or by completing the Sponsored Products beta form.

Upcoming Things from Microsoft

Now that it has been rechristened as Microsoft Advertising, Microsoft plans to have Q&As with Microsoft executives on the Global Partner Summit. They aim to share their roadmap and to listen to partners and marketers that they support.

The rebranding not only aims personalization and product innovation but also as a reinforcement to their commitment to each of their partners.

Microsoft wants to empower every marketer, that every marketer has the opportunity to have more achievements. Bing Ads’ success is the fruit of all what their partners have accomplished.

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