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Lazada to Build Hundreds of Delivery Hubs




Lazada, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, has announced its plan to establish hundreds of delivery hubs across the Philippines in order to improve its delivery services and enhance the overall customer experience. The move is part of the company’s “faster delivery” campaign, which will be launched in celebration of its 11th year in 2023.

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According to Lazada CEO Carlos Barrera, the delivery hubs will form a network of warehouses that are strategically located closer to the consumers, allowing for faster and more efficient delivery. Currently, Lazada has already seen success in Metro Manila and some nearby Luzon provinces, but the company aims to expand this nationwide.

“Our objective is to build a platform that provides quality service but at low, affordable costs,” Barrera said. “We want to make sure that our customers receive their orders as quickly as possible, without having to pay exorbitant fees for shipping.”

The company has been known for its efforts to ensure that items arrive quickly, and this latest move is expected to further improve the delivery experience for Lazada’s customers.

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Lazada also expressed its support for the proposed Internet Transactions Act, which is currently being reviewed by the Senate plenary. The Senate Bill 1846 aims to regulate e-commerce transactions, with provisions on digital marketplaces and fines of up to 1 million PHP for those who violate regulations.

They believe that the Internet Transactions Act is an important step towards ensuring that e-commerce transactions are regulated, and that consumers are protected from fraud and other forms of online scams.

Lazada has been actively involved in the crafting of the bill, sharing its insights on best practices for e-commerce in the Philippines with the authors as a guide.

The move is also seen as a way for Lazada to protect itself from inflation and rising costs. Despite the challenges faced by sellers on the platform, the company has been able to help its sellers adjust their margins in order to provide affordable prices for buyers.

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