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Adobe’s First Collaborative Office in Thailand




Adobe Inc., the pioneering company in the paper-to-digital transformation and renowned producer of digital design tools and document management platforms, has made a significant breakthrough in the Southeast Asian region by establishing its first office in Thailand. Recognizing the potential of the country’s growing economy, Adobe aims to expand its presence and tap into the promising market.


Simon Dale, the Vice President and Managing Director of Adobe Southeast Asia and Korea, stated that the company’s expansion into Thailand is a crucial step towards achieving success in the region. The office commenced its operations in February, marking a new chapter in Adobe’s journey.

While Adobe has had a presence in the region for over two decades, with its office in Singapore operating for 21 years, the establishment of a new office in Thailand demonstrates the company’s commitment to its stakeholders, customers, and partners in Southeast Asia. Moreover, it reflects Adobe’s dedication to driving growth through innovation.

Thailand is currently Adobe’s second-largest market in the region in terms of revenue. The country’s digital economy has been rapidly evolving, bolstered by a strong digital infrastructure and accelerated transformation. Recognizing these developments, Adobe chose Thailand as the location for its expansion, anticipating increased demand for scaling from banks, retailers, and other businesses.

Thailand’s vibrant creative economy, which contributes 3% of its GDP to the global creative industry, also attracted Adobe’s attention. Simon Dale emphasized that Adobe’s solutions can bring best practices for digital transformation and contribute to the country’s creative sector.

In addition to its business goals, Adobe aims to collaborate with the Thai government to support and implement digital initiatives. The company envisions offering training programs to enhance the country’s education sector and empower the workforce.


Adobe’s new office is strategically situated in Ploenchit, Thailand’s central business district. This location will provide opportunities for hybrid workplaces, enabling employees to connect with consumers effectively. Adobe’s presence will also strengthen relationships with key partners such as Central Retails and Siam Piwat, enriching digital experiences for their customers.

With over 40 years of experience, Adobe has garnered brand awareness and loyalty among enterprise business users. Leveraging this expertise, the company plans to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into its platforms. One notable project is Adobe Firefly, an AI art platform capable of generating images, vectors, 3D models, and videos based on pure text inputs. Gradually injecting AI into its platforms, Adobe aims to bridge digital gaps and further empower the Southeast Asian region.

As Adobe sets its sights on Thailand’s burgeoning economy, it seeks to seize the opportunities presented by the country’s digital transformation. Through innovation, collaboration, and AI integration, Adobe is poised to make a significant impact in the Southeast Asian market and contribute to Thailand’s growth in the digital era.

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